Apple's Massive iPhone 13 Improved Instant Confirmation

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The Apple 12 version of the Apple list has a growing list of softening problems (including some with medical side effects), but the company looks set to make major changes to the iPhone 13. And now we know a lot more about them.

The concept of the Apple iPhone 13 translates

In a new video, popular YouTuber Filip Koroy (aka EverythingApple Pro) teamed up with influential lender Max Weinbach to highlight the many improvements Apple is making with the iPhone 13. That means one of them will be controversial.

IPhone 13 Pro Design

Weinbach tells Koroy that Apple will "clean" the matte back of the iPhone 13 Pro models with a "grippy more textured back that will be comfortable [grip]". You also understand that it will be like the end of the Google Pixel series. That said, it warns that the design of the chassis "will not completely change the same look on the iPhone 12. list."

IPhone 13 Pro Display

Moving on the screen, Weinbach confirms that perhaps the most sought-after upgrade comes in the iPhone 13 Pro models: 120Hz ProMotion displays using the same (amazing) LPTO OLED technology that has shown interest in this new Samsung S21 system. This has been proven by many sources, however Weinbach adds new details, stating that Apple will eventually bring regular displays to the range and other caves:

"Always-On Display will have a little customization. The current design looks like a low-key lock screen. Charging the clock and battery is always visible. Notifications are displayed using the bar and thumbnails. as you are accustomed to do now, without delay and for a moment. "

It is not yet clear whether the standard (non-Pro) models of the iPhone 13 will receive any of these improvements.

Apple iPhone 13 photo always featured

All ApplePro

Three major improvements here. Koroy reports that Apple will introduce automatic astrophotography mode when it detects iPhone 13 models in the sky (a popular feature on controversial phones), as well as a massive wide-angle camera upgrade that Apple offers "royalty-wide treatment all over the system". I felt a new lens and lens.

Probably the most exciting development, but it comes with the news that "portrait video is finally happening. Apple has had this feature in the pipeline for some time. Now with the Apple A15, it will eventually happen. You'll be able to record portrait video… and change the depth of field post."

As Koroy puts it, “that requires a lot of processing power” but I expect this to be a very popular one. If Apple can tie the end result, expect to see portrait graphics modes become a hot new trend in social media.

Concerns for iPhone 13 MagSafe

One area that seems controversial, however, is the rise in MagSafe and Weinbach's claim that the tug-of-war will be "strong". Koroy drawing this as a good, understandable given the concern that MagSafe does not have enough power on the iPhone 12 models to securely hold magnetic attachments like wallets. That means MagSafe is currently in contention because power can operate pacemakers and defibrillators when held close to the chest.

"We are all amazed," said Henry Ford Heart and Vascular Institute cardiologist Gurjit Singh in a statement earlier this month. “We thought the magnet would be too weak on the phone to trip the electric button on the magnet. We believe that our findings have a profound impact on the lives of people who live on these devices every day, who unwittingly put their phones in their shirt pocket or in their pockets or jacket - unaware that it could cause their defibrillator or pacemaker to operate in a potentially fatal way. ”

How Apple can improve MagSafe without increasing these deadly risks, is still unknown.

Apart from this, the iPhone 13 system is designed to be a great upgrade to its predecessors. In addition to this new leak, we already know that Apple will reduce the notch, introduce the next gen 5G modems with global availability and reduced battery discharge, including standard WiFi interference and increased storage while displaying Touch ID add-ons for ID with the most powerful security.

And that's not all because we also know that Apple is now working hard on integrated iPhones.


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