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Pokies is another term for call slots in New Zealand and Australia. Online pokies are fun, safe, and very easy to play. You don't need to download any special software to enjoy all the action. All games can be opened and played through your Internet browser.

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Online Pokies understands virtual slot machines consisting of reels, symbols and paylines. Bonus rounds and free spins increase your chances of winning. Choose your favorite online pokie and get started right away!

Want more information about the online pokies you're playing? Here you'll find an expert guide and tips, including symbol values, winning combinations, paylines, free spins and information about playing Pokies online.

How to play pokie online?

Playing pokies online wasn't that easy before. Then you had to download some casino software to your computer to play. It may take some time and surely the software has made its place on your device as well. Today, thanks to new technologies like Flash and HTML5, you no longer need to download software to play it to your heart's content on your PC or mobile devices.

Software developers are increasingly taking into account what the user wants. Players want to simply pick a game and then start playing immediately, it's that simple. Most pokies have a configuration section where you can adjust the settings. For example, you can adjust the sound, resolution, and other features to your liking. This way you can completely personalize your playing experience.

Another important feature of Online Pokies is Auto Spin. The Autoplay feature allows you to spin the reels automatically. You can then choose how often you want to play without triggering the reels yourself. The Autoplay feature can be turned off at any time.

play free pokies

Playing Free Pokies is easier than you think. The first big advantage that you can take advantage of is that you do not need to register or download any software.

In the online casino, go to 'Free Pokies' and there you will find all the game options. Then, click on one of the game options and you will be immediately redirected to a page where you can gamble online.

You can play as much as you want. You can choose how much you want to bet and how many win lines you want to play with. In addition, you can also choose the value of the coin, as if you were playing in a real casino.

how to play pokie for real money

To play Pokies for real money you must first register with one of the casinos. Registration is very easy and fast. Then deposit into your account using one of the available payment methods. As soon as the money appears in your gaming account, you can start playing!

If you want to play Pokki for real money, you'll proceed basically the same way as if you were doing it for free. However, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind. One of these factors is the bet amount. These are the number of coins you can bet on per payline. For example, if a slot has ten paylines, your bet value is multiplied by ten if you select all of them.

You can also choose to have a smaller number of paylines in most cases. For example, if you are playing with a limited budget, it is advisable to play with only a few win lines. It is completely up to you. Therefore the number of coins is proportional to the number of winning lines.

Another point is the payout line. Pokies have valid paylines to specify combinations. It is important to remember that these can be not only straight lines, but they can also form various patterns that allow you to create a winning combination.

In addition, the coin also has value. This allows you to set the value of your bet. For example, if the coin is worth $0.10 and you are going to bet on ten paylines, the total bet is $1. So you can choose how many paylines you are going to bet on and how many coins per line.

Keep in mind, however, that not all pokies allow you to set the number of paylines yourself. In some cases they cannot be adjusted. The minimum and maximum bet amount varies depending on the slot.

how to win at online pokies

One of the reasons why online pokies are so popular at casinos is their simplicity. Pokies are easy to use and yet they add the necessary excitement to make you want to keep playing.

ways to win

To win with Pokies, you must display a certain series of symbols on the payline. The number of lines varies from slot to slot. In some cases they are fixed and in others they can be adjusted by the player.

Another factor that affects winning is the way the symbols are arranged. Normally, the first symbol of the sequence should be in the first column. In most cases, only left-to-right combinations count and in other cases the combination is applied in both directions, depending on the first.

In general, classic pokies tend to feature fewer lines. On the other hand, more powerful pokies can offer up to 1,000 ways to win. In that case, the win is determined by a random position and combination of symbols and not necessarily in a row.


Symbols are the most important element of the slot. This is because they determine the value of the prizes you win. With each slot you will get information about the payouts. This information is usually displayed in a table. The most common symbols usually pay low and the rare symbols often offer high payouts.

In addition, the number of identical symbols in each sequence is also important. This determines the value of the prize and typically ranges from three to five.

wild and scatter symbol

In addition to the usual slot symbols, you'll also find a number of special symbols. The most common special symbols are the wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol replaces any other symbol in the game to form a winning combination. It is interesting to know that a wild symbol can take the place of more than one symbol in the same game. So, for example, it can replace symbol A on one line and symbol B on another line, all within a single spin.

The scatter symbols in the game have a very special function. They pay only because they appear on the screen. Thus, they do not need to be in a sequence. Normally, bonus rounds begin when you find a certain number of scatter symbols scattered throughout the column.

bonus round

Bonus rounds usually start with scatter symbols. This can significantly increase your winnings. There's a lot of variety in the bonuses available in online pokies nowadays.

One of the most classic bonus types is the free spins. They are activated for a fixed amount so that you can bet without risk. In some cases, they are accompanied by multipliers that further increase the value of the prize.

Sometimes during the bonus round you have to play a certain bonus game to get your prize. For example, a few options are then presented, such as three treasure chests from which you must choose.

progressive jackpot jack

Progressive jackpots are often included in online pokies. These jackpots keep on increasing until there is no winner. This means you can win up to millions.

With each spin of the slot, a portion of the bet goes to the jackpot. So the jackpot gets bigger and bigger. Jackpots are often in online pokies of the same brand. This makes their value even more attractive.

Each slot machine has its own criteria for rewarding the player with progressive jackpots. In some cases, you can win huge prize pools that can reach millions of dollars. However, the chances of this happening are quite low. So you need a solid chunk of luck.

RTP and volatility

Winning prizes in slots is completely random and completely depends on luck. There is no secret or magic formula by which you can improve the system. If you want to assess your chances properly it is recommended to start looking at the RTP and the volatility of the pokies.


RTP stands for "Return to Player. This value represents the percentage that is paid to the player in the long run. For example, if you play on a slot with an RTP of 97% and an amount of $1,000 If you bet with, you will be paid an average of $970. It is actually assumed that you will get the RTP value back, but this is not always the case. Some players get more value and others less.

Whether or not you recover RTP also depends on how lucky you are in the game. After all, the percentage only indicates an average value and thus is not the exact value that each player will receive at the end of different rounds.

instability of a lock

Pokies with high volatility are the pokies where you are most likely to lose. You must be wondering why would you play on such pokies? The answer is simple. The lower the chances of winning, the bigger the prize you can win.

If you play slots with low volatility, your chances of losing per spin are low. However, the prizes you can win are also small. Prefer middle ground? Then go for pokies with moderate volatility.

It is important to consider the volatility of the slot before betting. Conservative players like to play longer and thus make profits in the long run. So for them, pokeys with low volatility are more interesting.

Other players like to take risks for a chance to win big prizes. Above all, they want excitement and are willing to lose money. For them, pokeys with high volatility are a good choice.

So it completely depends on your specific gambling style and how you want to manage your bankroll.

Casino Bonus: Free Spins

One of the best things in the world of online pokies is definitely the promotions and free spins you can get. In this way you get a chance to earn money without taking any risk.

Free spins are usually only valid for a certain selection of pokies, for example pokies from the same developer.

Basically, there are two types of free spins offered by online casinos. In both cases, you must comply with certain conditions, also known as bonus conditions. For example, you must bet your winnings a certain number of times before you can request a payout. All information about the bonus terms can be found in the casino terms and conditions.

free spins without deposit

Free spins without deposit are spins that you get after registering at an online casino. This means that you do not need to submit. Once your registration is complete, you will be immediately awarded a number of free spins that you can bet on one or more pokies selected by the casino. This is a great way to get to know the pokies because you don't have to bet with your money right away.

free spins as deposit bonus

Casinos often offer deposit bonuses to welcome new players. In addition to the free bonus money, free spins are often offered with the first deposit. These free spins can be bet on the casino's pokies after paying out. This way you can play with free spins first and only then play with your money.

types of online pokies

The casino offers a variety of online pokies to meet the needs of every player. You can choose from online pokies in a variety of disciplines with different reels, bonus features and paylines.

number of roles

The grid of symbols consists of horizontal and vertical lines. Vertical lines rotate. That's why they are also called reels. Think of those old machines that had physical rolls that were rotated by mechanical levers.

Virtual pokies use the same mechanism. The only difference is that you can spin the reels with one click.

The number of reels may vary from slot to slot. Classic pokies usually have three reels. Although most pokies have five reels, there are also pokies with more than five reels.

game type

Classic pokie reflect the style and sound effects of old-fashioned fruit boxes. They are very easy to play and usually only feature three reels. There are also modern video pokies with exciting themes and special features and pokies with 3D animations and beautiful graphic effects.


Win lines are lines that connect the reels and allow you to win prizes based on the winning combination you make.

To better understand what win lines actually are, let's take a slot machine with three reels as an example. If you get three identical symbols in a row, you win (a payline). Now imagine that apart from the row, there are two lines at the top and bottom and there are also two slanted x-shaped lines in the game. In addition, V-shaped and inverted versus can also count as win lines. In this way, you can create winning combinations in different ways.

Each slot machine can have multiple paylines. The total number of paylines is always well stated under the characteristics of the slot.

Features Online Pokies

Online Pokies has many features that make the gameplay even more fun. Below we list all the slots features.

Free Spins or Free Spins: As the word says, free spins are free play rounds and therefore don't cost you anything. However, if you win during the free spins, you still get cash prizes.

Re-spins: These are paid spins, but with the difference that the player can choose to spin the reels to complete a winning combination based on the other fixed reels.

Wild or wild symbols: These are symbols that replace all other symbols except for a few special symbols. Wild symbols are very beneficial as they increase the chances of making a winning combination.

Jolly Stickers or Sticky Wilds: These are wild symbols that act as stickers. They stay in their position for one or more rounds. This increases the chances of winning the combination.

Block Jokers or Stacked Wilds: These are jokers that appear in bulk in groups of two, three, or more. They can cover an entire reel.

Expanding Wilds: These are individual wild symbols that can be expanded to cover all adjacent positions, or positions above or below the reel in which they appear.

Cascading Joker or Cascading Wild: These are jokers that appear in stages. They can make wild symbols disappear and leave room for other symbols which in turn can generate winning combinations.

Random Wilds: These symbols appear randomly during the bonus round of Free Spins and can turn entire reels into wilds.

Scatter symbols or scatters: These are special symbols that can trigger the bonus game. They are always well indicated in the information tables of the slots. Generally, they are easy to identify because they differ from other symbols. You usually gain access to the bonus round by landing three or more scatters on the reels. They always offer instant wins, even if they don't appear to be on the winning lines.

Bet Function or Gambling: This is a function that can be activated after each win. This allows you to multiply the amount you win. You can activate the challenge by clicking on a special button on the screen. You can keep going until you win or lose.

Multiplier or Multiplier: These are symbols that multiply your winnings by a certain number. Thanks to the multipliers, you can increase the rewards by 2x, 3x, 5x or more.

Bonus Round: A bonus round is triggered by scatter symbols or other special symbols. Everything is free during the bonus round, so your game balance doesn't decrease during this round. Bonus rounds may lead to additional payouts. An example of a bonus round is the free spins.

Bonus Game: A bonus game is a bonus round in the form of a game. The game can vary greatly depending on the online slot. For example, you have to fight, shoot arrows, destroy buildings, pick up eggs, etc.

Moving Reels: Transfer reels can appear in a winning combination on a payline and have the advantage of adding a wild to make more wins possible.

Click and choose: This feature is often present during bonus games or free spins. It allows you to choose your own rewards. For example, you can choose one or more treasures and try to choose the one with the most money.

Jackpot: This is the highest prize available in the game. The jackpot can be stagnant. This means that the prize pool depends on a single game. However, the jackpot can also be progressive, which means it is tied to a network of pokies.

Progressive Jackpot: This is a jackpot whose prize money keeps on increasing until there is no winner. All bets by all players increase the jackpot. Therefore the progressive jackpot can be huge. If you win a progressive jackpot you can become a millionaire overnight.

Special Symbols or Extra Symbols: These are symbols that are different from the normal symbols. They give you access to the bonus round (Scatter) or they replace all other symbols (Wild).

Auto Play: This is a feature that allows you to play the game automatically. If you activate this feature, you can select the number of spins and let the online slots do everything automatically.

Nudge: This feature allows you to move the reel up or down one position to get the best combination.

Hold: This is a feature that allows you to hold one or more reels steady and then spin the other reels. This way you can try to take advantage of the symbols on the reel held on the next spin to get the best possible combination.

play pokie online for free

If you're going to play pokey at a land-based casino or gambling hall, you'll need to invest money in it. You don't take this loss when you play at an online casino. Most online casinos also offer their pokies in a free play version. Any player can take advantage of this, no need to create an account.

Playing free Pokies is the ultimate way to test the game without any obligation, without risking your own money. You can get acquainted with the game and find out how it works. If you like slots, you can decide to bet with real money. Just remember that if you play in the Free Play version, you won't win any real money.

Actually, online pokies are very similar to physical pokies. The difference is that online pokies offer additional benefits. Online you have more choice of different games in different themes with or without exciting features and animations. In land-based casinos, the selection is limited due to limited space.

This is what a pokie casino offers you. A wide range of pokies that you can play for fun

All the online casinos we have mentioned offer a wide variety of slot machines on which you can have hours of fun. Also, you can enjoy a lot of variety when it comes to themes. Choose a simple slot machine with three reels and traditional symbols or find the excitement with a video slot featuring five reels and exciting bonus features. You can play for free or bet with real money.

Fair play in a safe gaming environment

The best online gambling sites have quality software from leading developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic and Play 'n Go. That way you can be sure that all games are of the highest quality. You'll enjoy razor sharp images, stunning graphics, crisp sound effects and impressive 3D animations. Moreover, if you play the game on your smartphone or PC, you are guaranteed an excellent gaming experience.

Want to play pokie online for real money? Then you can rest assured that your money is in good hands. The best online gambling sites use advanced security technologies so that transactions through the site are safe. Your details will never be shared with any other party. In addition, all games are developed with a Random Number Generator (RNG). up to it

Great welcome bonuses and promotions

A generous welcome bonus is a real must for an online casino. Thanks to the welcome bonus, you can immediately benefit from free bonus money or free spins that you can bet on Pokies.

Loyal players are regularly rewarded with special benefits, promotions and other perks. Sign up for the VIP program to save points that can be exchanged for rewards and take advantage of all temporary offers in the form of free spins, deposit bonuses and more.

Slots Techniques, Mobile Pokies and Real Money Casino Apps

Poki can be played on mobile devices including the iOS and Android operating systems, and on both fixed and portable computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You don't need to install any additional software to play as it uses HTML5 or Flash Player. So you only need to enable Flash Player on your device. It is completely free and you do not need to download anything for this.

Using HTML5 technology, new games are developed that are suitable for any device. This way you can play them on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Games developed with HTML5 technology can be played from any mobile device such as iPhone, Android or iPad. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Want maximum convenience on your mobile device? Then download the casino app from your favorite online casino. Most casino apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices. Then you'll have all your favorite games at your fingertips, no matter where you are. The games automatically adapt to the size of your mobile screen. In addition, all the usual functions are available. The only drawback is that some real money casino apps have a slightly more limited selection. It is advisable to go through the mobile game offerings carefully so that you can be sure to play your favorite games on your smartphone and tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Pokies What are free online pokies?

As the name suggests, free pokies are games that you can play for absolutely free. You do not need to bet on real money. You can play free pokies in the casino's free play mode by using bonuses or by going to the Free Pokies section.

Where can I play pokie online?

There are a lot of online casinos that allow you to test their games without depositing money and without opening an account. However, you have other options. There are websites where you can play the latest online pokies for free even before they were available at casinos. In addition, with us you do not need to create an account. So you can play for free without registration.

Are Free Pokies the same as Real Money Pokies?

Basically, pokeys are pretty much the same. Nothing changes in terms of design or mechanics and hence nothing changes in terms of fun. The difference is that with real money slots, you have to bet money to play and you can win more money than you bet. On the other hand, with free slots, you can play without losing money. You are actually playing with virtual money that you do not spend.

How do you play pokie online?

Online Pokies is the simplest game of an online casino. After all, you don't need any skills or special knowledge to enjoy them. All you have to do is surf in an online casino. Then all you have to do is decide which games you want to play to try your luck. You do this by clicking the "Spin" or "Play" button. We recommend that you check the payout thoroughly before playing with real money so that you know what to expect.

Are pokeys really random?

You really don't need to worry about it. All pokies at Legal Casino are checked by independent organizations that specialize in verifying Random Number Generators (RNGs). They check if the RNGs are truly random. In this way, the results of the games cannot be manipulated and all players have the same chance of winning.

Can I play Pokies without a download?

Nowadays, most websites and online casinos have pokies that do not require a download to be enjoyed. All you need is a good browser to play the most modern pokies. In addition, there are casinos that have a mobile application that you can install on your smartphone or tablet.


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