Today's Best Men's Underwear Brands Using High Quality Fabrics

Men's underwear is serious. It is the first thing we wear, the last thing we take off and is the sole caretaker of our most sensitive bits. Sadly, men's underwear doesn't always get the attention it deserves; Many friends opt for the same cheap multi-packs year after year. But, if you're willing to branch out, you'll be rewarded: The best men's underwear can deliver premium comfort, athletic ability, and advanced style.

Today's Best Men's Underwear
Today's Best Men's Underwear

Today's best men's underwear brands are using high-quality fabrics that keep everything cool and dry, as well as solving chronic design issues like bunching and chafing. Basically, whether you prefer boxers, briefs or boxer briefs, you can find a pair of skivvies to upgrade your current underwear drawer.

How to shop for men's underwear

We've all bought underwear before, but taking the time to find the best men's underwear requires a little knowledge. There are a few things to keep in mind while shopping.

Type: There are three main types of men's underwear: boxer briefs, boxer and briefs. Boxer briefs are the most popular choice with mid-thigh length and tight fit. This gives boxer briefs an attractive look and a secure feel, making them great for workout or daily wear.

Boxers are baggy, tucked in the middle of the thigh and provide an extra airy, breathable feel. Although they're less popular for daily wear than boxer briefs, we think every man should have a pair of boxers for warm weather, lounging, and sleeping.

Briefs are the old school pick. They stop at the upper thigh, covering only the essential bits. Some people swear by the briefs, citing a streamlined fit and less material tangling or tugging.

Usage: The best men's underwear will stay comfortable all day through sweaty commutes, sitting at a desk and sleeping or resting in bed. However, we think it's best to have different types of underwear for different uses. Pick up a few pairs of workout underwear, some for everyday go-tos and a pair for lounging.

Ingredients: Always look for premium materials with a bit of stretch and, ideally, moisture-wicking or odor-controlling powers. Also, be aware that the best underwear material depends on the intended use and type of underwear (ie workout boxer briefs should have no cotton but lounge boxers should have crisp cotton).

Best Boxer Brief 1. Rhone Essential Active Boxer Brief

Rhone is a relatively new brand (established in 2014) that has been stealing our attention with premium basics and activewear. As the name suggests, these Essential Active Boxer Briefs bring the utility of activewear to everyday underwear. They do this with a soft, sweat-wicking fabric that has a bit of stretchy compression for a secure feel. Other clever additions include a no-roll waistband and a unique "comfort pouch" that keeps private bits slightly off the body.

2. Calvin Klein Men's Boxer Brief

Without Calvin Klein, men's underwear would be the most monotonous, un-sexy experience it used to be before Wahlberg commercials. CK made an enduring trend of making men's underwear flattering with tweaks like a lower cut, and the brand is still making some of the best men's underwear. These boxer briefs are a modern iteration of their famous piece with cotton-spandex fabric for soft stretch, the iconic logo waistband and a great fit overall.

3. Nike Dri-FIT Everyday Performance Boxer Briefs Brief

These Nike Dri-FIT boxer briefs are one of a select few pairs that can seamlessly transition from daily life to the gym. They're made from a cotton-elastane blend that incorporates Nike's beloved Dri-Fit moisture-wicking technology, which keeps everything dry without the tightness of some workout underwear. This versatility makes boxer briefs ideal for activities like traveling or commuting where you need both comfort and sweat-proof performance. Of course, they're also great for working out.

4. Saxx Vibe Boxer Brief

We're big fans of underwear that's meant to be some fun. These Vibe Boxer Briefs from Saxx do just that with a plethora of unique patterns ranging from Kong vs. Godzilla to scrambled eggs. But they're not all fun and games: Boxer briefs are made of a soft, four-way stretch material that wicks away sweat and controls odor. They also boast features like Saks' ballpark pouch which essentially creates a separate compartment to keep you extra comfortable.

5. Hans Men's Comfort Flex Fit Total Support

Don't let Hens' affordability fool you: They make some advanced eggs that stand toe-to-toe with more expensive options. These Comfort Flex Boxer Briefs are a classic example of the brand's long-standing expertise. They feel soft and stretchy thanks to the polyester material with added lyocell and spandex. You also get a mesh total support pouch that keeps everything away from the body for a cooler, more comfortable day.

6. Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Boxer Brief

High-tech eggs are great, but sometimes no-frills cotton underwear is best. These boxer briefs from Polo Ralph Lauren prove just that with a soft, high-quality 100 percent cotton construction. Although they are not meant for exercise, the fabric of underwear can wick away the unavoidable sweat of day-to-day life. With a "classic" fit they are a bit more spacious than most boxer briefs, making them great for sleeping and lounging as well as for daily wear.

7. Under Armor Men's Tech 9-Inch Boxerjock

Dedicated workout underwear can make a big difference—whether you're running, lifting, or playing a sport. These Under Armor BoxerJocks are a good pick if you're in need of some workout. They use a polyester-elastane fabric that offers four-way stretch (for full movement) and serious sweat-wicking ability to stay dry. The design has also been crafted for comfortable performance with no seams on the sides or back and a length of 9 inches for extra coverage.

Best Boxer 8. J.J. crew printed boxers

One of the best uses for boxers is lounging – something that J. Crew boxers do exceptionally well. They are made from a crisp, high quality cotton and feature a brushed waistband that is gentle on the skin. Add a range of fun, unique prints, like squirrels on the beach or fries while working out, and you have underwear you'll never want to take off.

9. Mack Weldon 18 Hours Boxer

MAC Weldon is one of the few menswear brands that revamps everyday basics. So it's no surprise that their 18 Hours of Boxer is one of the few in men's underwear. With a soft jersey-knitted cotton-blend and a tailored fit, boxers provide all-day comfort whether you're wearing them under your clothes or alone around the house. The fabric covers the waistband as well, solving the age-old issue of boxer marks from the elastic waistband.

10. Sunspell Boxer Short

British label Sunspell has been a pioneer of luxury basics for more than a century. And they still got it. Case-in-point are these boxer shorts. They are made from premium poplin cotton which uses a tight plain weave to achieve an ultra-soft feel. This fabric—with a boxy fit and a classic look—makes shorts ideal for commuting on hot days, though they also feel great under clothing.

Best Briefs 11. Meundies Men's Brief

When done right, the briefs can be a nice change of pace from boxer and boxer briefs. Good examples, such as these MeUndies, provide room where necessary, without any extra fabric tufts or risk of overheating feet. We like these MeUndies because they solve some common issues with briefs: The back is flat to avoid wedgies, a sturdy pouch cradles stuff and a no-roll waistband stays securely in place. is. MeUndies also offers a ton of color options in three categories: classics (blacks, browns and more), bold (bright colors) and daring (like the Gryffindor eggs below).

12. Tom Ford Stretch-Cotton Briefs

If you really love briefs, get this pair from Tom Ford. Eggs are made in Italy using a premium cotton-elastane blend that is equal parts soft and breathable. The Real Star of the Undies: Simple Tom Ford logo on the front of the waistband.


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