These Family Halloween Shirts Are As Good As a Costume

 It's hard to find an occasion that isn't more adorable than wearing a matching family shirt, and that includes Halloween. This year, instead of coordinating costumes with members of your family, try family Halloween shirts. Not only does this give you more freedom to dress up the way you want for the holiday without the pressure of sticking to a theme, but it's just as fun!

Matching family Halloween shirts

Matching family Halloween shirts can be perfect to wear together, whether you're heading out for a day of pumpkin or apple picking, a fall photo op, or going to a Halloween parade where you're not wearing a costume . And, apparently, the family Halloween shirt is just as cute to wear around the house. There are so many adorable and scary options that are suitable for everyone from mom and dad to the tiniest baby. Here are some of our favorites.

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Pumpkins to choose

Going out for a day with the whole family carefully selecting the best pumpkins in the patch? A pumpkin farm can be huge, and it's easy to lose track of many kids. Make it easy to keep track of everyone with a matching shirt that lets you see the other members of your family a little faster. They are also adorable and perfect for a family photo occasion. These cute tees from The Children's Place are a perfect pick (I had to!) There are adult T sizes to choose from apart from kids sizes, so parents and little ones can all match.

halloween squad

These "boo squad" shirts are adorable and can be worn throughout the fall season. They're available in a wide variety of colors, so you can get all the same shade or go for different ones (I personally like that this collection is available in black, orange, white and gray shades). What looks like with a mix), and they range in size from 3-6 months old to adult 3XL. You can also mix and match here, so if you just want to get kids sizes that only your little ones can match, you can do that. It's kind of fun to build your own almost custom set.

cute pumpkin

This set is a great option so your whole family can coordinate without having to match up completely. You can choose tees in a variety of colors, and you can also choose from a whole bunch of different pumpkin faces that range from silly and adorable to spooky and creepy. I love how this set has a mix of scary and cute pumpkin faces, but feel free to go all scary or all sweet if you like it. There are really husky sizes available for little ones, and toddler, toddler, and adult sizes available too, so there's something for everyone.


This set of skeleton shirts is perfect for a family of three running on four. The shirt for dads (or parents who love a cold glass of beer) includes a skeleton with two beer glasses glued together, while the shirt for the expectant mom shows the skeleton of a small baby in the womb. . Then there's the shirt for the kids, which displays a trick-or-treating bag filled with candy. Dear! Not only is this a fun way to match up on Halloween or around the holiday, but it'll also make for the cutest pregnancy announcement photos for social media.

family monster

These shirts would be great to be worn casually with jeans and sneakers, whether you're going to pick up a pumpkin or just go to a small Halloween party. The fun thing about them is that they can also be made into a homemade monster costume with just a few creative accessories and makeup. Think Frankenstein-esque hairdo, some spooky makeup and fake blood, and some tattered clothes. These are a great base for matching family wear if you want to do something fun but don't want to go all out. You can choose from different color options, and the "little monster" comes in baby, toddler, and toddler sizes.

Pumpkin Faces

Keep things simple with a Halloween classic: the image of a scary, layering pumpkin face. These shirts come with five different color options: white, green, grey, purple and orange. All the faces are the same (that downright creepy Halloween prank you always see on the movie Pumpkins), so you can choose to get the same shirt for everyone in your family if you want. You can also choose to get all a different color if you want to mix things up a bit. They come in men's, women's or youth sizes and offer a comfortable and oversized fit.

glow in the dark

For all the mom and me clothing lovers out there, this Halloween set from The Children's Place is a lot of fun. There's a glow in the dark skeleton in both shirts, and, really, if Halloween isn't the time to deck yourself out in glow in the dark clothes, then when is? Colorful pictures of candy keep these cute and innocent without being too scary. They're great pajama shirts, they're perfect for a Halloween party, or they're just fun to wear for a spooky mom and me photo session. Your kids will love the bright colors of the smiling pieces of candy.

Disney Theme

Going to Disney World for Halloween? First of all - jealous. Second, you should buy this T-shirt from Amazon before you go, because if there was ever a place to wear matching family shirts, it would be Disney World. The shirt features the iconic Mickey Mouse head with Disney's horror graphics, and if you're buying the shirt for women or little girls, they even have a Minnie Mouse bow. You can customize them with phrases like "daddy, mommy, sister" or you can get everyone's names in there. I like how these are all in different colors so they are not exactly the same.

mommy and daddy

Halloween pun on a T-shirt? We've always been fans of that idea. This set of shirts has one for "mommy," one for "daddy," one for "zombe," and one for "boo." They also have "Pumpkin" and "Frankentine" shirts. They're fun and different, and come in baby through adult sizes, and they offer a husky perfect for a toddler, too. If you want something warm, there is also a sweatshirt option, which looks nice and comfortable for autumn days. Cannes Designs is a family-owned brand from Fort Wayne, Indiana, so you can feel good about shopping from even a small online store.

Scary Shirts

These super soft T-shirts come in a variety of sizes, from toddlers to adults, and you can choose from a bunch of different colors. Each one says something different: "a scary daddy," "a scary mama," "a scary brother," and "a scary sister." I love how they incorporated small Halloween graphics into the text, such as little jack-o'-lanterns, spiderwebs, and skeletons. These manage to be a little more unique than some of the other options, and you can even customize the words if you want, as well as the color of the T-shirt you like. Reviewers love the soft feel.

frankenstein family

The whole family can pretend to be a monster for a day with these colorful Frankenstein T-shirts. The Frankenstein monsters pictured on the shirts look like a mix of Frankenstein and a skeleton, and each one is wearing sunglasses. There's one for "FrankenDad," "FrankenMom," and "Frankchild." I love how female skeleton-monsters have their purple hair in a bun. These are so cute and funny, and would make the best Halloween pictures. They are also another set that you can use as the basis for a bigger costume idea. In fact, you can do a lot with them.

scary squad

These T-shirts have all the elements of a good Halloween shirt: spooky graphics and a fun and spooky saying. Each one says "Spooky Squad," making these ideal for a family outing. They all feature the cutest graphics, like a little witch hat on top of a letter, spiderwebs woven throughout, ghosts and bats. They're simple yet perfect for the holiday, and you can wear them all together to make you stand out in the crowd. Reviewers give this shop and these shirts lots of positive reviews for how soft and comfortable they are, so you'll want to wear them well into October.

boo crew

Boo Crew: Another Halloween pun, and I'm definitely not crazy about it. This is another set that is ideal for family outings, where you want everyone to stand out in the crowd so that everyone knows you are all in this together. While these particular shirts are for adults, there are also matching ones for babies and toddlers, and there's a must-have for kids. I love how the "o" in the word "boo" look like ghosts, and the fact that the year is upon them makes them feel a little more special. Your family will also not mind matching with a shirt like this.


If you don't want everyone to wear the same outfit, this set from Etsy is a great option. Everyone says something different, and you can make them stand out even more by choosing each one in a different color. I love that kid shirt options for these include "Little Boo" and "Big Boo." It's a fun way to show kids big and small. The shirt is equally adorable for mom (or dad!) that says "Love my boos." It's a really family-friendly moment, and the ghost graphics make them feel more Halloween appropriate.


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